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Dingy was started by its founder and owner Marc Stapleford. 


Marc is a veteran mountain biker and outdoor activity enthusiast and mentor. He has competed in endurance events and races at national level and around the world. 


In the past years Marc’s health has suffered through various traumas in his life and being active in the outdoors has been a great medicine to him, helping enhance his mental state and helping him get through some dark testing times.


So through his journey came a positive outcome, to inspire others suffering with mental illness and to help enhance their health and well being through inspirational visual story’s create from art and photography. 


With that in mind dingy was born…….


Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration to motivate ourselves to enhance one’s inner self. 


We showcase various artists work and specialise in outdoor photography and provide action images from various outdoor events.

Through photography and art our hope is that we can motivate people to to enhance their health and mental well being through sharing visual adventures and getting creative.


We believe in a thing called health and mental wellbeing. So we help support people with mental illness by donating 20% of profits from event photos to selfharmuk & mindcharity.